Anne Niedergang is a licensed architect in Portland, Oregon. With over 30 years of experience, Anne excels in collaborating with clients to transform Commercial and Residential spaces. Anne is the Architect for the award winning project Farma, a Cannabis Dispensary in Portland. Farma's forward thinking design is featured in print and web including Rolling Stone, Elle Decor, Forbes and Leafly.

Anne enjoys working on projects both large and small and is especially passionate about good design.  She works in a multitude of styles creating spaces that can either blend seamlessly with their environment or be completely overhauled and elevated to a new level.  Her favorite project is a classic one:  a challenging puzzle where space is tight and multiple problems must be solved at the same time.  The breadth of her experience is broad based—whether high end custom Residences or Retail design —Anne delights in working with her clients to create inspirational spaces.  Anne's portfolio includes work in Portland, San Francisco, Aspen, Telluride and New York City.