I am honored to provide a letter of reference for Anne Niedergang, Architect.  

 We hired Anne to assist with the design and construction of an upscale, modern retail store in inner Southeast Portland. The job required maximum creativity and vision, since no one least of all us had worked out details of this unique project.

From day one, Anne has guided our team through the ins and outs of the design and construction process.  She has taken the lead in organizing our thoughts and streamlining the process. At the same time, she has brought a zest and excitement to the project that we could not have reasonably expected. She has exceeded our expectations by treating our adventure as hers. In fact she has been completely indispensable.

Anne is proactive. She thinks four moves ahead. To call her prepared is an understatement. Because of Anne, nothing in this complex process has been a surprise to us, and as hard as it is to believe there have been no delays in planning or execution. We could not have pulled this tightly coordinated, ambitious project off without her.

Without reservation, I can wholeheartedly recommend Anne Niedergang.

- Sam H


Dear Annie,

I am writing to let you know how much I am enjoying working with you as our architect. 

Before we hired you, I was worried that our project would not be designed as nicely as I desired it to be, or have the right look to create the feel I wanted our clients to experience while being in our store. Not only did you have many ideas of how to accomplish what I wanted design-wise, you have gone beyond my expectations with the additional skills you bring in keeping the project on time and organized.

I especially like how you stay in close communication with our team so we are all well informed about where we need to focus right now, and what will be coming up next. I feel confident that our project will be done on time and within our budget. 

Additionally, I really like your ability to think things all the way through so that all of the little details are in place. Your thoughtfulness will make our lives much easier and pleasant as we serve our clients over time. 

Lastly, there are many skilled professionals that do good work but they are difficult to be around or to deal with. You have always been a pleasure to work with, and I like how you are happy to incorporate our ideas into your thoughtful design. 

Thank you for all of the great work,

- Steve B

The architect and clients

The architect and clients